Friday, November 19, 2010

Progress Shots Part 2

In my previous post I shared the progress of my "Nectar" painting. This post is the progress of my second painting, "White Moth" which is a little less involved than "Nectar" was. I learned that I spent a little too much time working on the under-painting in acrylic on "Nectar" and ended up just painting over it anyways, so I thought I'd be more efficient and move straight into oil with this painting.
1. This is a picture of how I color the back of the print out with conte crayon, like I did for "Nectar". You can also see here that its printed on 4 sheets of paper.

2. The conte transfer on the canvas.

3. I decided to clear gesso over the transfer so the conte wouldn't get mixed into the oil paint (this picture is before I brushed the gesso over the entire canvas)

4. First oil paint layer--painted the skin, eyes, and hair then let dry before going on to the next layer (I used a lot of liquin as my oil paint medium so it would dry fairly quickly, although I used a lot of phthalo blue in my black, in both this and the "Nectar" painting, so that black took FOREVER to dry. Quinacridone magenta and Alizarin crimson [which I used for the eyes] also seem to take a while to dry fyi)

5. Painted gradient, moths, and orchids...unfortunately painted the moths and orchids before the gradient and they weren't dry yet so the edges got a little messed up. In retrospect, I think the best way would've been to paint the gradient first and let it completely dry before even applying the transfer. I knew that the oil paint was going to take too long to dry, though, and trying to paint the gradient with acrylics would've been this is kinda how it ended up working for this one lol.

6. I repainted the edges on the moths' wings and orchids and more details overall to the whole piece. The kanji in the final piece was painted at the very, very end (I had to wait for the banner to dry lol)

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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