Friday, November 19, 2010

Progress Shots

Hello hello hello!

I really like it and find it helpful when artists post progress shots of their work so I made a couple for my newest paintings. The first is "Nectar" which is oil on canvas.
1. After scanning the sketch I did on paper, reworking a few things in Photoshop and sizing it up and printing it; I colored the back of the paper with brown conte crayon (like pastels). I then laid the print out over the top of the canvas, lined up the center and traced over the lines on the front, pushing the conte into the canvas (like carbon paper).

2. I traced over the lines with Sharpe so they wouldn't get lost while painting over them. I then realized that Sharpe, much to my disappointment, is NOT waterproof (oops!) and I had this sinking feeling that it would keep bleeding up through my painting so I applied clear gesso over the top of the Sharpe lines so they wouldn't come back through.

3. I tried making a gradient with an airbrush, ended up just not really working lol.

4. First acrylic underpainting.

5. Second acrylic layer.

6. Third acrylic layer. I didn't like how bright and Hawaiian looking the hair+flower combo was looking so I glazed over it with some yellow ochre to tone it down and make it look more honey colored. I also thought the background looked a little bare without the gradient so I tried painting in some cherry blossom branches (although in the end I decided they were too distracting)

7. First oil paint layer. Working on making the skin tone more blended

8. Second oil paint layer. Still working on the skin tone while also working on the hair and flowers.

9. 3rd oil paint layer. Add details like the bees' wings, kanji and eyes. At the very end (the final image you can see if you click the link above) I added more to her hair to make it more dynamic and realistic.

I'm sorry that's so much writing lol! Let me know if you have any questions :D

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